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Key Features of Our Talent Development Platform

Data-driven Reporting Tools

Track employee assessment scores and quiz attempts. Identify how long employees spend on courses. Determine who’s started, not started, and completed a course.

Post-training Action Plans

Each course includes a personalized after-training action plan, to target development focus areas, ensure training sticks, and maximize return on investment.

Assign Courses to Groups and Departments

Assign training to specific groups, teams or departments. Designate group leaders who can manage each employee’s progress and track performance.

Certificates and Continuing Education Units

Automatically generate certificates to recognize and reward  staff for professional development accomplishments.

Compliance Training

Create training to meet federal and state requirements. Monitor completion rates and track each employee’s progress and scores.

Personal User Profiles

Personalized profiles keep track of individual progress. Users can receive feedback from trainers, direct managers or human resources personnel.

gearNew Hire Training

Equip new hires with clear expectations and keep your team aligned. Communicate strategy by altering courses to meet desired competencies.

Email Notifications

Email specific groups, entire departments or all users, including special announcements, training progress, or when new training is available.

multi-tiered courses
Multi-tier Courses

Courses can be broken up into modules, lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories.

Manage Assignments

Annotate and mark employee’s submitted quizzes and assignments from within the LMS platform.

Use Any Media

Insert videos, Microsoft office documents, adobe files, images, audio, Google Docs and more!

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