‘Increase productivity and profitability’

Help employees close skills gaps with on-demand online training.

Here's a sample of training outcomes:

  • Building Rapport, Commitment & Minimizing Conflict
  • Understanding the 4 Personality and Communication Styles
  • The 6 Principles for Influencing People
  • Emotional Intelligence & Maintaining Composure For Project Managers
  • Effective People Skills for the “Not a People Person,” and More!
  • The Four Decision-Making Styles for Leaders
  • Strategically Think Outside the Cubicle, Effectively Solve Problems and Maintain Creativity
  • Move Beyond Traditional Thinking Patterns and Behavior
  • The Seven Strategies for Creative Thinking and More!
  • Creatively Deliver the Ten Things Every Customer Wants
  • Seamlessly Satisfy Internal & External Customers with a Positive Attitude
  • Apply the “Ten Commandments of Customer Care”
  • Defuse Difficult & Angry Customers & More!
  • Identify and Understand the 4 Workplace Personality Styles
  • Maintaining Composure and Responding instead of Reacting
  • The 10 Laws of Effective Communication with Anyone
  • What to Do when You Disagree or Have Conflicts
  • Strategies When Dealing with Your Boss’s Personality and More!

‘Provide your company with unlimited access to high-quality, on-demand training’

I strongly believe that James Bird Guess Success Academy has truly added value to our corporate training program!

Virginia Frazier, HR Staff Development, INVISTA, a Koch Industries division.

Maximize Return on Investment

Economize company budgets with on-demand training.

Close Skill Gaps

Help employees stay current, build confidence, and continuously adapt to change.

Measure Success

Run reports measure engagement, achievement, and time users spend learning.

Succession Readiness

Prepare your next generation of agency leaders with customized training curriculum for high potentials.

Enhance Curricula

Use online tests and quizzes 24/7 to challenge staff and measure training effectiveness.

Self-paced Training

Create and assign learning pathways, promoting each individual’s own interests and training requirements.

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