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‘Equip agency staff to better serve residents and stakeholders’

Customized training for an entire agency, department or small teams.

Here's a sample of training outcomes:

  • The 4 Components of Building a Diverse Team
  • Understanding the 4 Generations in the Workforce Today
  • The 4 Motivators & Performance Drivers for each Generation
  • Most Effective Leadership Styles for each Generation
  • Communicate Effectively across Diverse Teams and More!


  • Clearly Define Employee Expectations
  • Identify “Cant Dos,” “Won’t Dos” and “Don’t Know Hows”
  • Diagnosing Performance: Is it the Person, Procedure or the Process?
  • Apply the Feedback Filter for Tactful Communication and More!
  • Understand the Essentials of Critical Thinking
  • Identify the 6 competencies of Critical Thinking
  • Analyze typical Decision-making Mistakes
  • Identify Personal Biases
  • Apply the 5 Styles of Decision-making
  • Identify the 6 keys for Minimizing Poor Communication
  • Discover language to Deescalate Emotions and Increase Cooperation
  • Tactful Techniques when Telling Colleagues and Customers “No”
  • Apply Communication Techniques to Defuse Situations

‘Provide your entire agency with unlimited, cost-efficient access to our catalog of high-quality, on-demand training videos’

“The training was very effective for our staff at every level to ensure we achieved our strategic goals.”

Vickie Doane, Staff Development Manager, Tarrant County Tax Office

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Help employees stay current, build confidence, and continuosuly adapt to change.

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Run reports to measure engagement, achievement, and time that users spend learning.

Succession Readiness

Prepare your next generation of organizational leaders with customized training curriculum for high potentials.

Enhance Curricula

Use online tests and quizzes 24/7 to challenge staff and measure training effectiveness.

Self-paced Training

Create and assign learning pathways, promoting each individual’s own interests and training requirements.

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